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. this is a paving project going on here. davis did not work for maryland state highway but rather a subcontractor involved in the project. in forestville, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> davis is from briantown, maryland. jerry edwards joins us with the latest in traffic. >>> good morning, to you and everyone. a lot of road works and hefty delays because of it. virginia, northbound i-95 to the outer loop of the beltway, look very carefully. two lanes. the left lane is closed and traffic is quite slow because of it. there is also on southbound 95 headed to newington,there, the right lane is blocked delays leaving the capital beltway. maryland, on the outer loop, greenbelt road, left side of the roadway blocked. delays from north on route 50. the good news is, if you are headed southbound, the inner loop, no worries there. travel lanes are open. eun? >>> thank you. taking a live look outside. it is 91 degrees at 11:04. we have sunshine. with this humidity, you know we are going to be burning out there. >> everybody that's come into the office this morning has passed by my desk. wendy rieger included and
minutes. >> thank you, john. after a dozen deaths in maryland did to extreme heat over the last week, authorities are taken steps to avoid it happening again. marilyn's first lady and baltimore mayor are urging all marilyn beers to take precautions and pay -- maryland deposit first lady and baltimore mayor urging all marylanders to take precautions. >> take care of relatives and neighbors. if they are in a situation where they don't have air- conditioning, check on them every day. >> this year's numbers of heat- related deaths doubled last year. the city and state is working to make sure cooling centers are off -- working and had energy assistance programs. police say a man was driving under the influence with the crashed into a hertford county building. route 1 and hickory. witnesses said the car hit three parked vehicles before flipping over and crashing into the front of a store. >> it was like five or six of us and there and we heard of all the crashing and we turned around and we were like in shock. >> the driver was airlifted to shock trauma with non-life threatening injuries.
. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> after a dozen deaths in maryland due to extreme heat, steps are being taken to avoid it from happening again. cady o'malley and stephanie rawlings-blake morning all marylanders to take caution during the next heat wave. watch on the elderly and those with the underlying conditions. >> take care of your relatives and neighbors. air-hey do not have their ki conditioning, check on them every day. >> the number of deaths this year it is double that of last year. energy assistance programs will allow people to use their air conditioners. >> president obama delivers another pep talk on the economy today, urging americans to hang in there. he will face a tough audience in michigan where unemployment is 14%. tracie potts has a look ahead from washington. >> president obama speaks at a new plant that will make batteries for electric cars. >> these are batteries that are made in america. >> up to 300, the white house says. >> the recovery is not as fast as we want. >> the economic initiatives we took our working. they are working. >> the approved the st
will have to pay for the cost of a promenade. >>> for the 13th straight year the maryland lottery is reporting record sales. it made $16.5 million more than the previous fiscal year and the second highest return in the history of maryland. >> some of the money goes out to people who play. >> a little bit. >>> still ahead, an nba star arrested in maryland. what police found when they fond him. >>> i'm ron matz at poor five -- pier five. he'll have the story coming up. >>> warm weather returns. the updated forecast with bob coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> the vatican issued new guidelines to priests in an effort to deal with the ongoing sex abuse scandal in the catholic church. >> reporter: the vatican rewrote their rules on priests who abuse children. >> it gives the signal that we're very, very serious in our commitment to promote safe environments and our add yacht re-- an adequate respoons to abuse. >> reporter: it extends the statute of limitations for reporting a crime until a victim's 38th birthday. victims sea the rules are -- victims say the rules are just window dressing. as a
the situation in uganda. a bomb injured a teen from maryland. she was on a mission trip with her church. . >> reporter: vick, emily kerstetter's is stable, she called home, shared laughs with family and friends. but the family spokesman says even though she is good spirits she has a very long road to recovery. emily kerstetter's' recovery is far from over with more surgeries scheduled and new health dangers for the 16-year- old who was injured in a terrorist bombing in uganda. a spokesman woman shared the latest on her condition. >> she had a blood clot in her vein, in her leg. they scheduled her for another test to see what her oh vains were doing. >> she spoke to em expem said she the in good spirits. >> she doesn't remember anything from the explosion which i think is good. >> the leader remembers the aftermath, writing i touched my own face and head because i could taste blood and felt warm liquid which i assumed was blood. i had no idea what happened. as people were screaming and moaning i know the thought flashed through my head, bombs. it was a flash of a finger and a blink of a
on the driver at the scene. >>> the maryland victim of the terrorist attack in uganda is in a hospital where show was flown for treatment. mike hellgren has more. >> reporter: her uncle says having her patients by her side has greatly lifted emily's spirits. classmates of emily kersetter held a prayer of support for the 16-year-old yesterday who's undergoing another surgical red your -- procedure today as she recovers from severe injuries including her legs being shattered. she had been doing missionary work with imoff verred -- impoverished children in africa. at the church in delaware, family and friends held a memorial service for the only american killed in the same suicide blast. his brother -- >> his life ended too early but we look at the few years god gave him. we're humble he was used in such a way. >> reporter: the group called al shabaab is reportedly planning more attacks. more than 70 people were killed and dozens more were wounded including five other missionaries with emily kersetter's group. this was the group's first terror attack outside of somali. the fbi is helping with s
this is the good news. maryland's most powerful radar, five sweeps in action. you only see it here on abc2 and you can see all clear. radar should stay clear tonight. most of the day tomorrow, we'll have the slight chance of a storm tomorrow evening, but at least the roof is on here. that's good, and the evening forecast, again in the 80s and keep the skies nice and clear so the weather looks fantastic. and now, i want to bring in my good friend, don harrison who has been out here covering the build site all week long and don, what a difference today from the last 48 hours. >> well wyatt, you took care of it now that the sun is out. things are rocking out here. now obviously the house is going to go through a lot of changes, but you know what? i think the neighborhood is going to go through some changes, too. >> joe and his daughter have lived here for 50 years. they love the idea of this project. >> it's exciting. it's rewarding. and i'm kind of excited about it. >> here's will dean, he's a 15- year-old kid that lives on this block. he's meeting and taking care of everybody. >> your hat look
>>> prayers and support across maryland and delaware following last weekend's suicide bombing in uganda and we have new information on the condition of the howard county teen. >>> hello, i'm don scott. the leader of the group behind the bombings promising they're only the beginning. well, right now, the parents of the maryland are by her side in africa. wjz-13 and mike hellgren are live with the latest and more. >> reporter: good afternoon, don and everyone. she's stable and she had a successful surgery monday and she'll have another procedure today. her uncle says that having her parents with her has lifted her spirits. ♪ >> reporter: classmates of emily in catonsville held a prayer and support service for the 16-year-old yesterday who's undergoing another procedure today as she recovers from severe injuries including both legs shattered after an attack in uganda. that's where the teen was doing missionary work. >> she's a tough woman and she's a fighter and the support of the school and her family and friends, she's going to get through this. >> reporter: almost 100 miles
>>> now, good morning maryland. >> bp is conducting a test right now on its ruptured well and we don't know if it will pass for 48 hours. >> the place that makes your titanium golf clubs on fire and look at this video. we have the latest. >> abcers are feeling the pressure. they are working harder than ever. the push to the finish on fleetwood. see that orange truck right there? >> uh-huh. >> a forklift is being run by a guy i went to high school with. >> the volunteers are sort of an untold part of the story. sherrie johnson is there live and they have to go to their day job. it's incredible what people are willing to give to make this happen. >> we only work a mile from where we grew up. good morning, maryland. i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. >> mike is in for justin burke. good morning there, michael. >> mild conditions out there and that's going to be our launching pad later today for the 90s. let's go to our weather net sites. temperatures into the 70s. normally this time of the year should be into the middle 60s. so that's the launching pad for the 90
a deal with maryland prosecutors. he showed up in court today in maryland. brianne carter is like to tell us what happened with this. what is the latest? >> dilante west was very apologetic in court today, ashamed by his actions. it started in september of 2009 when officers pulled him over on the beltway for speeding and reckless driving. police found two handguns, and more than 100 shotgun shells and a ninth. today he entered a guilty plea on two of those charges for carrying a concealed weapon and carrying and transporting oil loaded handguns. today he was sentenced to eight months home detention and two years' unsupervised probation and will continue psychological counseling and community service. we heard from him as he spoke out after court. speaking out and saying he was glad this was over and behind him, saying he was very apologetic and could move on with his career. he said if his career is affected by this, he knows he will be able to move on and work in a career where he can continue to counsel youths as he has done in the past. brianne carter, abc7 news. >>> moving on to othe
you, devon. hope you are off to a great thursday, right now, finding issues in maryland and virginia. take a look outside at 270 and 109. an accident off to the left shoulder has the driver approaching the scene. hopefully, it will be cleared out shortly. as we return to the maps, we zoom into the bethesda area. this is where we have a downed tree. right now, southbound massachusetts remains closed. no lanes are passable at little falls parkway, so to get around this, you will want to use river road. northbound pennsylvania, approaching the capital beltway. still using the left lane as an accident investigation continues. 95 in virginia. no incidents, no accidents, but it looks like the delay is starting to set in. it is building and again between 77100 and the back road. back to you. >> at the top of the hour, pat yourself on the back, you live in the best educated region in the nation. the story is new this morning. kristin fisher is live outside of american university to tell us why we are so smart. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: we are feeling good. this is based on 2008 cen
>>> now, good morning maryland at 9:00. >> how are you doing? i'm jamie costello. we have a theme here. we have miriam king with a list we need to do before we start college. the coupon lady makes her list to save us money the next time we buy groceries and a list of what we need to do. and our life right now is going to the extreme. how about this list? let's see. we were in on the surprise. we were there for the first drop of rain and we aren't going to let up until the extreme makeover home edition project is finished. and standing by at the finish line on fleetwood is megan pringle. >> good morning, jamie. we finally have some sunshine and it's supposed to be dry all day, which is great news. it's hard to believe just about a week ago, this place didn't exist. we've been watching the progress every day. the new thing today, if you take a close look at the house. look at that. there's bricks. remember when we were like, there's a roof and windows and now it's starting to take shape and it looks great. all of this is possible because of the show, but also because of the volunte
in forestville, maryland. maryland state police say the 27-year-old man was working on a paving operation on pennsylvania avenue near the beltway. according to police, the victim was crushed between two dump trucks. officers closed one northbound lane of pennsylvania avenue in order to investigate the accident and then police reopened that lane in time for the morning commute. a pleasant surprise in virginia. the state budget now has a surplus of at least $200 million. lawmakers site a jump in tax revenue, and this means a 3% december bonus for state employees. $18 million will go to local school districts, and money will go to the water quality improvement fund. governor bob mcdonald says the commonwealth is not out of the woods just yet. >> while these numbers are a positive sign for our citizens in virginia, there is much hard work to be done, and it is no time to let up on conservative budgeting, and certainly no time to let up on the fiscal discipline that we have tried to bring to state spending. >> democrats in richmond say the surplus is no surprise. they had a that governor mcdon
southbound maryland 396. that road is currently closed at little falls parkway. >> the washington, d.c. region has just been ranked the best educated metropolitan area in the country. according to a new report released by the brookings institute. kristin fisher is crunching the numbers live for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, this study is based on 2008 census data from the top 100 metropolitan areas in the country. once again, what do you know? washington, d.c. is home to the smartest people in the entire country. not boston, not seattle, not san francisco, us. we'll break it down by the numbers. this is a list of the top 5 metropolitan areas what do you know, number one, washington, arlington, that entire dc metro area comes in at 47% of adults with bachelor degrees. so that means half of washingtonians have college degrees. numbers 2, 3, and 4, bridge port, connecticut, san jose and san francisco, clock in at 33, 34%. and you might think it would be higher up on the list. boston, cambridge, massachusetts, at 42%. i should point out that the washington area ranks numbe
. take a look at hd doppler -- not showing anything in terms of rainfall over maryland. dry today and try tomorrow. very hot. strong storms are heading our way over the weekend. -- dry tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. we will see sunshine again. 90 to 93. we have not eliminated the humidity. lows in the 70's and partly cloudy skies. i have your seventh date in a little bit. >> summer storms are creating a few interesting photo ops. this waterspout formed off fort lauderdale yesterday. they are pretty common. a waterspout is a rotating column of air over a body of water. at least one funnel cloud was spotted in minnesota yesterday. heavy rain and large hail was spotted. this happened in white rock were there no reports of any injuries. several cars were stranded in delaware. the rain came down so fast the streets flooded almost instantly. some rivers and streams are overflowing their banks. >> cheney is recovering after undergoing heart surgery. the operation took place last week. he said doctors recommended a be implanted in his heart. >> he has had a tough time. 70 degrees on tv hill. the w
of course at our studios at 6400 york road. >>> and make sure you tune into good morning maryland at 9:00 tomorrow. jamie costello and megan pringle will be at the build site live for the entire show. for the latest, head to our website, click on our special extreme makeover page on the home page. >>> school hasn't started, but class is back in session for retailers. we'll tell you how consumer trends are teaching stores valuable lessons about one of the biggest spending events of the year. and teens found a new way to show off what they plan to wear. how one retailer is trying to cash in on that trend. >> abc2 works for the community. a proud partner with the salvation army. >>> in tonight's consumer alert, your kids may not be ready for back to school season, but trust me, retailers are. it's among the biggest spending events of the year, ranking with the winter holiday. and karen explains. >> almost time to hit the books and that means time to hit the mall. from pencils to backpacks, to laptops to new clothes, back to school spending really adds up. >> the back to s
de los tres aÑos que t procesadora de cangrejos en maryland.. "dificil porque entrar a trabajar a dos de la mañana, salir a las dos de la tarde, es cansado y a parte ganar por lo que hagas" como esta mexicana, miles de mujeres migrantes son contratadas bajo la visa h-2b. ...y se ven obligadas a aguantar abusos, de acuerdo a un informe del centro de los derechos del migrante y la universidad americana... "las mujeres pagaron cuotas a las reclutadoras y esas cuotas son ilegales y la otra cosa que es muy preocupante son todas las heridas, todos los cortes o piquetes que sufren las mujeres en el trabajo y la mayoria de estas mujeres no reciben atencion medica" a estas mujeres usualmente les pagan entre dos a dos dolares veinticinco por cada libra de comida de cangrejo... para poder sobrevivir, tienen que extraer la comida de por lo menos 200 cangrejos diariamente... margarita, quien es viuda, dejo a sus siete hijos en mexico para trabajar en maryland... "tener qpagar renta nosotros, tener que ver de comer nosotros, tener que v
card. maryland driver's liccnse and a passport with his photo. using the deaa may bees name. >> that is creepy. thaa is like a take oveersomebody else's life. like like iim just thhs person now. >>reporter: federal charging documents sttte john skelton úbtained the passporr illegally in 2005 wwee hhs flight arrived at bwi from london monday night federal had tracced him down throuuh a death maach invvssigation. >> it offend me greatlyy as úgain the protector of america border it's our job to make% sure this oesnnt happen. hill neighbors say they never suspected they had a british impostee living on their blook. grief. nothing like thht. any >>reporter: for now the real john skelton is in federal custody and is neighbbrs wondee what justice he will úeason not to be there so maybe ttey ill punish im worse being over there. >>reporter: police say he was caught through the death match prrgram that is whennfederal federal hill, fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> thank you. player had 2 loaded hand guns, guns, loaded shotgun and large the washington, aree in last falll
this morning. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> it is amazing watching that house go up. >> it is amazing. >> i know they stay there behind schedule. >> they are putting that on now. >> yeah, it's incredible. and the volunteers are really just so many neat stories happening out of there. >> now there's no let up. meteorologist, justin burke is enjoying this day off and the meteorologist is in. >> we have a mild start out there. temperatures were starting out at the 6:00 hour into the 70s. when it's 74, you know you're going to be over 90 degrees later this afternoon. elsewhere across the area, 71 in columbia to the north and to the west from glenbrock to middletown. right outside our station doors, 72 degrees. 71 downtown and the real story is the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. those dew point values over 70 degrees. so it's going to be an oppressive feel to the atmosphere. 88 degrees by noontime. we're going to max out to 93 for your afternoon. the real feel numbers will be into the middle 90s. we'll talk more about your forecast coming up in a bit. kim bro
. if you're coming up from southern maryland tomorrow, i would allow a little extra time to start. partly cloudy in the morning. very warm by lunch time. 70s and 80s. winds light. air quality code yellow. that's moderate. about as good as we can hope for this time of the year. by afternoon partly cloudy. high temperatures 90-95 all with light wind. highs tomorrow 92 in gaithersburg but 95 in springfield. 93 in bowie. 94 down in fort belvoir. leesburg you hold around 90. that is still not much of a bargain. zone forecast we have no showers or zones anywhere from the mountain and coast and all six zones are available on our website. sunshine and 84 in oakland. upper 80s for hagerstown. culpeper no problem making 93 tomorrow. low 90s in warrenton, manassas and right around 90 in leesburg. downtown looking at low 90s as well. go southern maryland low to mid 90s. not much wind tomorrow which is good if you're a boater. no advisory on the bay or tidal potomac. high temperatures in annapolis around 90. next seven days, we got hot all over the seven day. hot tomorrow 93. hot on friday. just an is
90's's tomorrow. >> beautiful trip in maryland along in4, route 5. nothing on 228. looks good to annapolis on 50. quiet along 270. let's show you the pace approaching hyattstown, that is closest to us. the greenway is open in both directions between reagan national and leesburg. the earlier crash at from dodge ridge is gone. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the washington metro area has the best educated population in the nation. a study by the brookings institute finds 47% of adults in d.c. and its suburbs have a bachelor's degree. that is up from 22% in 1970. if 20% of adults have a graduate or professional degree. >> smarter is a good thing. >>> 5:12, 73 degrees. >>> coming up, apple gets ready to address the iphone reception issues. >>> this could cost $200. >> new calls for the airline industry to come clean about the hidden fees. >>> a revolutionary medical procedure >>> welcome back. in our top stories on this thursday, the oil spill in the gulf is starting to take a toll continually on wildlife. biologists say the oil has killed hundreds of pelicans and other birds on an
maryland, virginia and west virginia. supporters say the high line will ease the strain on the power grid. the pub public meeting is monday in harpers ferry and tuesday in purcellville and thursday in frederick. you can get more information on the meeting at just click on the living green. >>> let's get to the traffic now. patranya is in the traffic center. >> it's after 7:00 on a thursday. and things looking good from the 395, past the 14th street bridge, duke to the mixing bowl, no problems on the main line and the h.o.v. lanes. moving on to 495, inner loop traffic easing but we're still seeing painfully slow delays from 270 spur to the toll road. i'm giving drivers 20 minutes to get through the stretch. no accidents through virginia and maryland at this point. and finally, for those leaving town on 50 eastbound, let's fly over there. and everyone is on the green path 495 through bowie and folks are heading out of town early for the three-day weekend, no problems heading out east. >>> a spokesperson for arlington national cemetery said several graves had to be repaired over t
transit team, i'm mark jones. >>> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> at 5:11, we have temperatures into the 70s this morning. another muggy morning. that's going to take us into the afternoon, which will be a hazy, hot, and humid afternoon. let's go to our weather net sites. the temperatures are into the up every 60s towards our western suburbs to 74 as you make your way closer to the city limits. elsewhere, we are into the 70s down to the dc land. still 76 degrees at the 5:00 hour. dew points are the biggest story, though, in the weather headlines, where the amount of moisture in the atmosphere is going to make it feel oppressive. humidity levels keeping those numbers above 90 degrees. we'll talk more about your seven-day forecast coming up in a bit. kim brown. >> thanks a lot, mike. they are working with that broken water main in ellicott city that has old columbia pike closed. that is going to remain closed throughout the remainder of today. one crash, 895 southbound, they are in the process of getting that cleare
have a new film out, you're an indy film maker. and as we know from the maryland film festival and the film festivals, the indy movies are a big deal these days. >> they're taking everything over the films. they're a bigger market. they have the little cameras out. you could take pictures on them and now, go to best buy and buy a camera and everyone is shooting the movies now. it's about the story more than the move itself. >> well, in hollywood, it will be about the movie and can the story produce the movie. in indy, it's the opposite. >> well, i believe they'll give us ten more good years and hollywood will do the same thing. right now, it's all about -- well, the movies aren't that good lately, it's about the quality and not the story. >> why spend hundreds and millions to make a movie that people would like to see for 40,000. >> it's a lot of heart and soul that goes into the independant films. >> well, we'll talk about one and we'll get to yours. even though it wasn't -- that was "the hang over" shot on a nothing budget on a wing and a prayer, but it was the story, more t
. >> this video is providing more insight into the failed times square car bombing. >> kids from all over maryland are working on in state parks this summer. that story coming up. >> for 300 kids, this is a summer where the can make money and experience the great outdoors. it is for kids that would not normally have access to the outdoors or summer job opportunities. >> it is called maryland city justice court. it benefits the state and lots of kids. it is a chance for kids to learn all kinds of skills. and earn some money. the state gets improvement to its parks. >> our engineers looked at that work the kids had completed. if they had hired contract. -- contractors it would have cost more. >> their workers oliver gunpowder state park. fixing up new buildings and doing real improvement. this is a great opportunity. >> i know how to do something that boys do. it is really fun. girls can do stuff. >> this program will help me in the future. i can get good money with this program. >> the assistant secretary says the program benefits everyone. >> the benefit to us is tremendous. they're doing restorat
hour. talk about our visible satellite imagery. actually, i'm sorry. maryland's most powerful radar is what we have up now. you will only see it on abc2. five sweeps and all clear. that's the first time we can say that in three days straight. once again, we are looking at a warm evening. eventually falling below 90. we'll be in the 80s and quite humid conditions on tap as well. well, i'm joined now by paul. you are the ceo of boys hope, girls hope, which is what this project is all about, of course, and talk just a little bit about what you have seen this week and of course today as well. >> i've seen basically the incredible generosity of a community coming together around a single project to help people live out their dreams. we do this all over the country and all over latin america and south america and this is the most inspirational outpouring of support from a community i've ever experienced. >> this is the -- not just the -- here in baltimore, this is our huge project and so happy to have it. this is an organization that spans not just the united states, but the globe. >> w
's about 12:30 this morning. maryland state police a dump struck driver was standing on his truck reachen to get something when another defer truck backed up hit the truck's other door and crushed the victim. >>> in d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting, the sick one this month in the same neighborhood. a man was found shot to death last nigh. police have not released the victim's name and have not made any arrests at this point. it was less than two weeks ago when college freshman and former capitol hill hopkins was shot and killed. a man was arrested in connection with that shooting. >>> police investigating the murder of northern virginia teenager are now looking over some possible new clues. she was found dead in her car more than two weeks ago. the car was at the fairfax plaza shopping center at about 3:00. a few minutes later she updated her facebook page to say she landed work. call me fran dresser, i'm a nanny. she was found dead behind the wheel just ten minutes after that. >> the day she died she was interviewing with a family that mutual friend of hours had suggested
on him during a traffic stop in maryland last year. now thanks to a plea deal, west will stay out of jail but he won't stay out from under court supervision. derek ward is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: it started with a traffic stop on the beltway near route 214 on september 17th of last year. prince george's county said that he was driving his three-wheel motorcycle recklessly. when he was pulled over, eltd officers he was armed. he called for back-up. when they searched west and his vehicle, they found three loaded weapons, a loaded remmington shotgun and a guitar case. a .9 millimeter about a rhetta. he had a knife. a guilty plea on weapons and reckless driving charges got west two years probation and eight months home detention. >> i wanted to make sure he was treated the same way any other defendant would be treated in coming through the courthouse here. that's pretty much what people get for this kind of offense. >> reporter: west's attorney said the nba star was moving the weapons from a home he shares with his mother in ft. washington to one he owns in brandyw
are doing just fine. our next stop, a clear commute out of mannassas. in maryland, we are watching an accident investigation. this is on pennsylvania avenue approaching the capital beltway. drivers out there way are still losing one lane. outer loop in maryland, so far so good over to 270 and finally, we want to keep you updated on the downed tree. 396 is still closed at little falls parkway. remember, you can always connect with me on facebook and twitter, i can hook you up with a personized traffic report. >> >>> dc council is moving forward with plans to bring street cars back to the city. the motion prohibits lines along pennsylvania avenue between capital hill and the white house. >>> arlington county board approved more than $32 million to improve accessibility and safety at the station. construction on the new entrance, new elevators and americansy evacuation stairwell are expected to begin this fall. >>> tests for elementary students in dc public schools dropped in both math and reading, ending two straight years of increases. scores for both middle and high schools were up
it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> capping the crisis. big steps taken tonight in the -- to stop the leak in the gulf of mexico. >> reporter: a chance the problem could soon be fixed. >>> hello, everybody. >> reporter: here's what people are talking about tonight. >>> some encouraging news tonight as bp begins testing a cap that is supposed to stop oil from flowing into the water. if it works they may finally gainful control of the leak. >> reporter: it's an image we haven't seen until now. no oil flowing from the top of that well. bp successfully close -- by thursday, robots could close off the other two valves and sometime within 38 hours the flow of crude could be blocked entirely. >> i was gung ho for this test. >> reporter: the government had put a hold on this test. scientists mapped the area and bp got the green light. even if the oil stops residents are still worried about all the oil headed their way. particularly concerned are the managers that manage these cities and feel they can't afford to keep up. >> reporter: manages the coastline which h
of its kind in maryland, and tends to a wide range of clientele. >> the broad population we are serving, a fair number of new americans just entered the country, a fair number of people who have historically been here for generations. we serve a lot of folks from different countries to come here is refugees. >> the non-profit service over 15th thousand people a year with a lab and pharmacy on site. imagine getting free swimming lessons from someone that most people call the greatest swimmer of all time. >> some lucky baltimore city summer school students are getting that opportunity to learn from none other than michael phelps. tim tooten has all the details from the pool. >> michael phelps showed up at that swimming pool, his mission to teach young people have a swim and to make good life choices. michael phelps went down memory lane, sharing with young swimmers how to get over what used to be his own fear of the water. that was before he earned 14 gold medals. now along with members of his swim club, he has pledged to give students 20 hours of free lessons over the summer picnics of g
maryland. >> 6:39. it's a mild morning out there. look at these temperatures, into the 70s. we are all over the place from fredericks downtown, 72 degrees. 88 by noontime, it's a humid day. we will max out to 93 in the temperature department. let's get a check on the commute and for that, we'll go over to kim brown. >> thanks, mike, good morning. along the big roadways, you see traffic moving very well at katon avenue. we are getting reports of an injury report. i'll let you know how it will affect you as you head out the door. >> we are 20 minutes away from 7:00. another senseless crime in baltimore city. >> the victim is so much more than specific. >> a young woman shot in the head and left to die in her car. i'm linda so. the message her mom wants everyone to hear. >> also ahead this morning, they were inside working when a car came roaring into the parking lot and it didn't stop. look at that video. >> they may have a worse record, but the ballpark is still a pretty place to come. we'll tell you where it ranks. >> parents, if you want major points with your kids today, well,
-down car on the beltway at liberty road has been taken care of. in maryland closed about 4, pennsylvania avenue, traveling near andrews air force base, decided to build a it looks great. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 6:11. the post office honoring those who played in the negro baseball leagues. a pair of commemorative stamps will be dedicated during ceremonies at the negro leagues baseball museum in kansas city. one of them shows a close play at home plat ande. the other honors andrew "rube" foster, the founder of the negro leagues. >>> 73 degrees. >>>> a new safety warning from the federal government on a baby crib. >>> most physicians have probably stopped prescribing it. >> avandia will stay on market. >>> a revolutionary medical procedure >>> the oil spill in the gulf of mexico is starting to take a toll on wildlife. continuing to take a toll. oil has affected hundreds of birds on an island off the louisiana coast. wildlife officials have only seen 68 affected pelicans in the area. bp has found a leak in the new cat on the oil well. -- new cap. >>> worker was on the steps of a dump >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. hope you have them. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning once again. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. we have a couple of accidents to watch out for. there is one on 295, so you may find delays developing. there's another crashed to watch out for. 51 miles per hour on southbound 95. north side checking out fine. west side equally smooth at this time. we can do the quick live look outside. this is where the beltway meets the harrisburg expressway. traffic is running smoothly there. problem-free in glen bernie. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. let's check in with sandra shaw. >> it is a warm start this morning. there is some patchy fog out there. mostly sunny skies. 77 right now in the city. 70 in parkton. low 70's on the eastern shore. we will be dry air today. today's high will be pretty warm. 93 degrees. the normal high is 87. with the humidity, it will feel like the mid to upper 90's this afternoon. partly cloudy tonight and quite warm. light winds out of the
tonight. a maryland teen ho became the victim of a terrorist attack, has a long road to recovery ttnight. 16-year-old eeily kerstetter %-after surrery.wake and alert -nd as kathleee cairns reports, her friinds and ccassmatts are turning to prayer. >> ♪ >> a big crowd at the sanctuary at mount de sales academy makes a strong spiritual play. >> 16-year-old emily kerstetter was on a mission trip in ugandan when a terrorist boob exploded. >> shh is alert..3ú %-from the event. some amnessa now rely oo their faith.s. emmly's future. >> yeah, she is definitely a strong girl. %> emily is in a hospital in johannesburg, enduring one maaor surgery. her parents are now by her bedside. >> i think she is happy to have her mother and father. >> pastor peter that heads up the mission in ugandan wws sitting at the same table as ú%ily. he was killed. his funeral was eld today..3 stilll there is talk of forgiveness. you ssould not try o get revenge. >> for now, emily's friends hope. their prayers ill keep themú and will make a difference in the young wommn's recovery. -n catoosville. kathleen cairn
annapolis, 73 in fairfax, 72 in arlington this morning. 73 in rockville and 70 in frederick maryland. here's a look at the satellite radar combination. that area of low pressure now spinning its way off the jersey shore and moving up toward cape cod, massachusetts as it moves away from us. we get a north to northwesterly breeze back in here, that will turn things toasty warm again. mostly sunny today, we do have shall patchy fog around the area first thing this morning. highs back up into the low to mid-90s and another super nice but ever so hot day coming up for tomorrow so the rest of the workweek today and tomorrow, hot, and tomorrow humid, as well. as we get into the weekend, chance of passing showers and thunderstorm, but it's not going to be a washout of a weekend, so your outdoor plans for the most part will go off uninterrupted. >>> good morning, everyone. a lot of overnight road work. on the capital beltway in virginia, in particular. 66 blocked, but most of that has been wrapped up, so good news there. trip around town, montgomery county, most of the major roadways looking pretty
out to sea. you can see the spin in the atmosphere the lingering showers were across southern maryland. those are gone now. the skies are mostly clear. we'll have a decent sunrise. 94 for your high. 93 in baltimore. 94 for your high in town. 95 in fredricksburg. that's it for your weather more coming up in just a bit. >>> take a look at traffic. >> not so bad if you traveling between college park and over night we had a tree coming down. so, again, mass av shutdown until further notice. meanwhile, if you're making the trip along i-95 still in good shape. the pace running at speed. the beltway inner loop also at speed between an nondale and -- no problems to report on the outer, police have put the flashing lights are coming southbound. they are checking for disabled vehicle it was reported on the inner loop. so they're looking. we'll keep an eye on this camera for you and keep you posted if we find anything on our next report. that's a look at your fox 5 on time traffic. >>> new this morning a construction worker was killed in an accident by a coworker. this happened on pennsylvania av
to get maryland businesses going. that is what the campaign is about. >> the governor admits his campaign made a tactical error by playing a political ad during the gulf clean-up of oil. as far as the bridge is concerned, the campaign says the governor is committed to moving forward once the economy improves. >> we have posted a voter guides on our website. you can find information for the top statewide races by clicking on commitment 2010 at >> it is not unusual for a college freshman to take remediation courses. at compton state, the goal is not only to increase knowledge but to help them graduate. o educationur reporter is live with -- our education reporter is live with that story. >> 19% of freshmen who show up for college graduates for years later. the school is promoting its summer bridge program. they are determined to increase the number of students to earn diplomas. close to 200 freshmen are spending their summer preparing for the fall. it is the summer academic success academy. it translates into a head start. >> i have been out of high school for a couple of years.
demandas, incluida una presentada por el gobierno federal..maryland se beneficia diversidad que origina la inmigracion, dijo hoy el gobernador de ese estado martin o'malley...el gobernador dijo tambien que las autoridades federales son las unicas encargadas de hacer cumplir las leyes de inmigracion y que esa labor no puede ser trasladada a la policia estatal o local, por lo que no esta de acuerdo con la ley de arizona, diez mil visas que el gobierno federal emite cada año para inmigrantes victimas de delitos que ayudaron a las autoridades a investigar y juzgar a los culpables... la ultima de las visas fue aprobada ayer por la manana... esta es la primera vez que el gobierno agota todas las visas desde que inicio el programa hace dos años.. las visas se conceden a victimas de violencia domestica, agresion sexual, contrabando humano y otros delitos.. en washington aumenta el descontento contra la cipal proveedora de electricidad tras una serie de interrupciones de ese servicio nte loas en que la region soporto temperaturas extremas... claudia uceda nos amplia.. sin electricidad ... ya sea
history of heart disease. he suffered five heart attacks. the first when he was 37. >>> a maryland man will be charged with drunk driving, after police say he hit several parked cars and then crashed into a store. customers describe a terrifying scene, as they saw the car heading straight for them inside a crowded store. thankfully, though, no one was seriously hurt. >>> and it was open season on beachgoers in san diego. at least 30 swimmers and surfers were injured by stingrays yesterday. most of the victims were stung in the leg and treated on the beach. but two were taken to an area hospital. experts say such a large number of stingray attacks is unusual but not unprecedented. >>> the second half of baseball's season gets under way tonight. and golf's third major tournament of the year, the british open, begins in scotland. as for highlights of other sports, we get those from espn news. >> good morning. i'm max bretos. a slow sports day. but the tour de france, stage ten. riders went through the southern alps. look at this, two french riders. take the first climb in unison. nay shak
. >>> the news edge on maryland now and a murder case quickly closed. montgomery county police say a killer walked into their police station and actually confessed. his victim gunned down early this morning across the street from wheaton high school on randolph road. police were called when someone nearby heard the so thes. they found a handgun nearby. the suspect told police he knew the victim and they had an argument. >>> an explosion underground in northwest washington turned the morning rush into more trouble than usual here on connecticut avenue. the problem sent smoke pouring out of two manholes near 19th and r. the whole thing was caused by a burned out cable apparently. about 20 customers had no power until the cable was repaired. >>> right now at this moment bp is testing a new cap on that damaged oil well in the gulf. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> will, the government forced bp to wait worried pressure tests on the cap could produce new leaks. new leaks would make the ultimate solution much more difficult. but bp has closed the first of three valves on the cap. if this wo
. >>> battleground maryland, where gov. martin o'malley said his negative radio ad linking it bob ehrlich to the oil spill in the gulf was a tactical mistake, his words. he called the former governor a lobbyist and linked him to this bill. it also said the republican voted with big oil. they are campaigning for the september primaries. >>> a federal judge is hearing arguments on whether arizonas new immigration laws should take effect on july 29. it is the first major hearing in one of the seven challenges to the new law. the judge will also consider arguments over arizona governor's arguments to dismiss the challenge filed by a phoenix police officer and nonprofit group. the six other lawsuits includes one from the federal government and they're set for next week. >>> d.c.'s highest court has upheld the same-sex marriage law, ruling 5-4 that opponents of the law cannot ask voters to overturn it. it took effect in march. opponents attempted to get approval but put off the initiative asking voters to define marriage as between one man and one woman. >>> turning to the weather, more steamy temperature
at the naacp asaturdays -- awards. >>> stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. >>> websites that can n ,,,,,,,, >>> rain-free thursday. welcome back to the "early show," everybody. coming up, a closer look at airline fees. as we heard earlier this morning, congress is thinking about new rules to make those fees more transparent to consumers. so, how would you make flying -- how would that make flying better? our rebecca jarvis will take alook at that. >>> ahead, another foul-mouth tape, number four here -- >> who's counting? >> i've lost count. his team claiming those tapes have been edited. the damage could be done. we'll have the latest on that. we'll take a look at how gibson wrote a check, a very large check to an organization in boston that protects domestic violence victims. we'll speak to a woman from there this morning. >>> we want to get this bomb shell that has everyone from washington to wasilla talking. it's the on again/off again bristol and levi engagement. >> reporter: for the first time, bristol palin, levi johnston and their son tripp posed together as a happy family i
, the exit for new hampshire avenue. >> the race for governor of maryland is rematch of 2006. this time rules reverses. the current governor will joi ♪ >>> 7:30 now on a thursday morning. the 15th of july, 2010. nice view in the distance, the statue of liberty. lady liberty, the new york harbor, as taken from the top of the rock above our theater in rockefeller center. that was a nice, warm, muggy day here in manhattan. we'll go outside to say hi to those people in just a little while. the music, by the way, is our way of reminding you that grammy winner will be here for a live concert tomorrow morning in our 8:30 half hour. inside studio 1a i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira. and coming up, they're shocking, their offensive, but are they the real thing? there are reports that mel gibson's camp now claims to have proof that those much talked about audio recordings we've been hearing so much of were edited or altered. we'll have an expert on audio listen to them. we did that. we're going to tell you what that expert thinks straight ahead. >>> also ahead, you search bottle bomb on the
. >>> a hospital official said a maryland teenager wounded in the uganda terror bombings is in stable condition. emily kerstetter and her grandmother are being treated. emily was scheduled to undergo additional surgery today. she was in come pala with a church group when a bomb went off as they were watching the world cup. >>> bob mcdonnell said jobs have come since his job. virginia has a surplus budget of at least $220 million. >>> a new report finds the government collected more than $20 billion in so-called syntaxes. the total in the fiscal year year of 2009 is up 41% from the year before. $6billion of that increase came from a larger tax on cigarettes as part of the children's health insurance reauthorization act. and there was a large spike in tax collection from the sale of guns and ammunition. >>> well ice cream lovers, baskin robbins celebrated their birthday today and they sent frank vanilla, pie ala mod, campfire and cheesecake will be retired. they say the new flavors that replace them will be decided in a contest by voters this fall. >> talk about syntax. >> sinful but tasty. >> it
. >>> the former co-workers of a maryland man of shock after learning he is wanted for the rape of a metro access customer. the police are searching for this man, who is accused of the crime. cynne simpson has the latest on the search. >> many of these metro cabdrivers at the shady grove metro station know this man who the police are looking for. they describe him as a good guy and say the news that he has been accused of rape is quite shocked. the police say it the 31-year- old metro access driver raped a mentally disabled passenger july 8. he is accused of picking up the victim from an adult day care center in silver spring, sexually assaulting her, then dropping her off at her home in gaithersburg. >> we would like the media's help and public's help identifying this person. >> metro transit police say he worked for reasons a cab company, contacted to operate metro access buses, and had no criminal record. >> the first time we believe an arrest warrant has been taken out on him. >> cab driver say they have known him a while and there was no indication he would commit such a brutal crime. >> i d
of maryland and even a lot more sunshhne there.3 93 degrees for the high, so it ú%ll warm foo the wessern part 83 degrees for the temperature at noon, and 93 oming earliee at 2:00 and staying there through thh afternoon into the %-73 degrees for the overnight low, a warm and humid night unddr partly cloudy skies. -ommrrow partly cloudy with a high of 94. -louds innrease late in the day and in comes tte chance of a3 shower or thunderstorm deeending -uon the speee f the fronn we friday maybe into early unday as tte front pushes down. ú%herwise, it will bring us a pretty dry day, 92 for the high. and 93 on onday and 90 degrees aad thundersttrm chances on3 89 and partll cloudy for wednesday. thissweekend, only saturday a chance for thunderstorms at the bbach if you're headed thhreeinú it should be in the upper 80s all weekend long. we do wwnt to ceck on the roadways ight now with candace dold. she is here with a look the traffic edge. cannace, hhw arr e looking this morning. >> reporter: so far so good we aae clocking at decent3 speees..3 -4 on the jfx and 63 on the beltway. that's igh
heetemperaturess3 reached 100 degrees. ú%alth offfcials are warning marylanders to get ready for the next heatwavv with the temperatures aaove 90 predicted for the next two eeks. %-terrorist attack in uganna is scheduled to nnerro another surggryytooay. hundreds of friends came academy hope their prayers makes a differencc. they wwre ouuside of a restaurant when the boob aa johannesburg and family members say she ii alert but has %-from her recover >> she goong to have to have multiple surgerres. she has extensive wwunds thrrughout lower extrrmities and upper extremities, but she is a tough woman and she is aa33 fighter. >> both of emily's parents are in the millitary. a fund has been opened to help and ttavel expensss. for details on hoo you can help, you can log on to >>> the baltimore city schooll3 board wants superiitendent %-leading the schooo systee forú they signed a contract that would take him through the year of 2000 furb. hof 2014. contract and is already the llngest serving superintendent in the city for more than a deccde. >>> we wwll talk with the morni
. the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful radar. >> you know you could contribute something to the build to by giving us nice weather for the rest of the week. >> tomorrow is its day weather wise if you haven't been out to help yet. tomorrow will be the day. sun, dry it out. chance to catch up because it's going -- behind all week because of the weather. let's take a look outside. inner harbor. we have a muggy night in progress. quiet, no thunder, no lightning, no rain coming down. that's all good news. 77 right now at the airport and very similar numbers downtown. i want to show you the radar. it's more quiet than its been in about 48 hours here. finding one shower, one shower alone over the epochas peculiar. just offed shady side where we are tracking the one shower. other than that between saint michael's and the other received the bay we are looking at basically just quiet weather statewide and that's a good thing. look how much range would the. uninch and two thirds at places like churchville. so hit and miss in terms of how much rain we saw today
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